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Serve your customers outstanding pasta dishes cooked to perfection within this outstanding pasta boiler by leading brand Frymaster. This top quality pasta boiler features programmable controls which makes it easy to produce perfectly cooked pasta every time no matter what type of pasta.

To prevent boil-overs Frymaster have included a cook pot which has a large overflow drain that is essential within the most demanding of environments. This drain carries away excess water that might be added to the cook pot and any starch that might accumulate with repeated cooks. It also reduces the time needed to drain the system and virtually eliminates the chance of clogs which is common within other pasta boilers with smaller drain openings.

Additionally the auto-fill/starch skimmer keeps the water level at the correct height and removes excess starch residue from the water surface resulting in there being no need to refill between each portion cooked saving time and energy. This top quality pasta boiler comes fully complete with individual portion cups which make it easy to monitor meal costs whilst reducing waste


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  • Brand: FrymasterMore from Frymaster
  • Model: 8SMS
  • Power: Three Phase
  • Height: 1330mm / 4ft 4in
  • Width: 920mm / 3ft
  • Depth: 835mm / 2ft 8in
  • Unit Height: 1250mm
  • Worktop Height: 880mm
  • Water Capacity: 33.1Litres
  • Dry Pasta Capacity: 3lbs


(For size only, shape is not accurate) 1330mm 920mm man=1750mm


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