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At Red Hot Chilli we focus on returning custom, not a quick sale. Its good to hear feedback from our customers, you know we are doing a good job, or to help us improve our services in the future.We take pride in the many repeat customers that come back every year for new equipment. We also know how frustrating talking to customer support can be when there is an issue. When chatting with customers, and even our own experience, getting through to support with a large company help service can be an uphill battle. Each time talking to a different member of staff at the call centre, always hearing the same scripted answers.

We value every customer’s opinion, and take all feedback seriously. You can be assured that all comments go directly to the managing director Robert Greenwood. If you feel a staff member went above and beyond to help you, or having trouble with any item purchased from us, let Robert know and he will personally make sure it is seen through.

(For other questions, quotes and sales enquiries, please call 01925 242 623)